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Diane Romanello art

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The Garden of Friendship

When I think of friendship, I quickly think "friend"
One upon whom, I can always depend
No matter what storms may come our way
That person is there with the right word to say

It may not be what I want to hear
But it won't be something just to tickle my ear
When I'm wrong they will tell me, the truth will come out
No matter if I get angry, or act immature and pout

I was in search of just such a friend for my life
This is a difficult season for me with my illness, and much strife
Clicking around all over the Internet
Trying to find a group, where my needs would be met

I happened by chance to find a website one day
My eyes became glued to the words it had to say
"Where friendships bloom" Oh my, I thought
My long search has not been for nought

As I clicked each link and read each line
I knew I had found friends to last for all time
They were not a group, they called themselves a Garden
And no flower within it, could wither or be trodden

A member of this Garden had lost life's fight
And all had banded together to celebrate that life
She had been loved and was missed, her name was Squeak
And although she was gone, she was hard to release

In that one instant I knew what I must do
My search for friendship was totally through
Friendship and love, comes rooted in the ground
And in the Garden of Friendship, that's what I have found


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A Garden Dream of Deelight's

A Garden full of love
A Gift sent from the Lord above
The Gift of friendship we share
With everyone everywhere

Coming together within our Garden
Where our Garden Keepers
With silent eyes watch over us all
So we can stand proud and tall

With their tender touch
And caring heart
An understanding mind
They show us the way

And with gentle words you say
You guide us down each pathway
To our gateway in our garden
Where we do play

This Garden of silent dreams
That can't be seen
Only within our hearts
We walk along friendships path

So to you our Keepers of Friendship
Alita, Ann, Aussie Wendy, Cheri,
And too JanDee, Jus Kuntree,
Leanne, Marre, Rescue Mom and Tammy

I thank you for all the little things
That you all do to bring
A peace and calm to our Garden
Where the vision of a Dream came true

ŠTootypup - Susan

Enter the Garden

Artwork by Diane Romanello and used with her permission