Chervil (French Parsley)

Cooking With Herbs

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The following list, offered for consideration, suggests the use of Herbs either singularly or in combination with one another that would enhance flavors of the meal you are preparing, however you will find the use of these Herbs an enjoyable experience if you refrain from using too many kinds of plants at once or too much of any one kind.

There are neither detailed references to the healing vibrations of each Herb involved nor how these influences are of benefit to one's overall well being; this information is up to you to explore personally :)


~ Before proceeding with your recipes be aware of any allergies to plants and watch for signs of irritation.

~ Whenever you see the Plant Chervil mentioned, it may be helpful to know that it is sometimes referred to as French Parsley.

~ To substitute dried plants for fresh use one-third teaspoon powdered or one half teaspoon crushed for every tablespoon of fresh chopped plant.

~ To reconstitute dried herbs soak them in some liquid you can use in the recipe like lemon juice, milk, olive oil, stock, vinegar, water or wine for ten minutes to one hour before using.

~ Non powdered plants should be placed in a cloth bag or some other suitable container for easy removal.


Macaroni and Cheese: Basil; Chives; Dill; Ginger; Tarragon or Thyme

Quiche and Souffles: Basil; Chervil; Mace; Marjoram; Rosemary or Thyme

Scrambled Eggs: Celery seed; Chervil; Chili powder; Marjoram; Rosemary; Savory; Tarragon or Thyme


All Fish: Celery seed; Chervil; Dill; Oregano; Poppy seed; Rosemary; Savory; Sesame seed; Savory or Tarragon

Crabmeat: Basil; Dill; Marjoram or Oregano

Lobster: Nutmeg; Marjoram; Oregano; Rosemary orTarragon

Shrimp: Dill; Basil; Mace; Marjoram or Tarragon

Salmon: Chervil; Dill; Marjoram; Rosemary; Tarragon or Thyme

Shellfish: Celery seed; Dill; Marjoram; Oregano or Tarragon


Beef: Basil; Ginger; Marjoram; Mustard seed or Tarragon Ham: Cinnamon; Cloves; Ginger or Mustard seed

Hamburger: Cardamom; Chili powder; Marjoram; Mustard seed or Savory

Lamb: Dill; Mint; Sage; Savory or Tarragon

Liver: Basil; Caraway seed; Cardamom or Savory

Meatloaf: Allspice Celery seed; Mustard seed or Nutmeg

Pork: Caraway seed; Marjoram; Oregano; Savory or Thyme

Steak: Ginger; Oregano; Rosemary or Tarragon

Veal: Marjoram; Mint; Oregano; Rosemary; Sage; Tarragon or Thyme


Chicken: Chervil; Ginger; Paprika; Saffron; Sage; Savory; Sesame seed; Tarragon or Thyme

Duck: Basil; Chervil; Marjoram or Thyme

Turkey: Chervil; Marjoram; Sage or Thyme


Coleslaw: Caraway seed; Celery seed or Mustard seed

French: Basil; Caraway seed; Dill seed; Ginger; Marjoram or Sage

Seafood: Basil; Marjoram; Oregano; Tarragon or Thyme

Tomato Aspic: Celery seed; Basil or Thyme

Vinaigrette: Basil; Mace; Marjoram or Tarragon


Barbecue: Allspice

Bearnaise: Chervil or Tarragon

Bordelaise: Thyme

Butter: Chervil or Oregano

Cheese: Chili or Sage

Cocktail: Ginger

Hollandaise: Tarragon

Mayonnaise: Curry or Tarragon

Mushroom: Nutmeg or Oregano

Sweet and Sour: Ginger

Tomato: Basil; Chervil; Oregano or Tarragon


Chicken: Chervil; Marjoram; Rosemary or Sage

Fish Chowder: Celery seed; Oregano; Rosemary or Savory

Mushroom: Chives; Nutmeg; Saffron or Tarragon

Onion: Cloves; Ginger; Marjoram or Thyme

Pea: Chili powder; Cloves; Mint; Rosemary or Savory

Potato: Allspice; Cloves; Ginger; Marjoram; Mustard or Rosemary

Vegetable: Basil; Celery seed; Mace; Savory or Thyme


Asparagus: Basil; Chervil; Sesame seeds; Tarragon or Thyme

Beans: Dill; Nutmeg; Oregano; Savory or Tarragon

Beets: Celery seed; Chervil; Cloves; Dill; Ginger; Mint; Tarragon or Thyme

Broccoli: Chives; Cumin; Mace; Oregano or Parsley

Brussel Sprouts: Basil; Dill; Mace or Sage

Cabbage: Basil; Celery seed; Dill; Oregano or Savory

Carrots: Chervil; Cloves; Dill; Ginger; Marjoram; Nutmeg or Thyme

Cauliflower: Chili powder; Dill; Nutmeg; Oregano or Rosemary

Celery: Marjoram

Corn: Chilli powder or Nutmeg

Cucumbers: Celery seed; Cloves; Lemon balm; Oregano or Tarragon

Eggplant: Allspice; Celery seed; Chervil; Marjoram; Sage or Savory

Leeks: Basil; Chervil; Lemon balm; Marjoram or Sage

Lettuce: Black Pepper ground; Dill weed or Savory

Mushrooms: Curry; Marjoram; Oregano; Rosemary or Thyme

Onions: Caraway seed; Chili; Cloves; Marjoram; Nutmeg or Thyme

Peas: Marjoram; Mint; Savory; Tarragon or Thyme

Potatoes: Celery seed; Marjoram; Nutmeg; Mint; Paprika or Parsley

Sweet Potatoes: Cinnamon; Cloves or Nutmeg

Squash: Allspice; Basil; Cinnamon; Cloves; Ginger; Nutmeg or Sage

Spinach: Allspice; Chervil; Marjoram; Poppy seeds or Thyme

Turnip: Allspice; Oregano or Rosemary

Tomatoes: Basil; Celery seed; Dill, Marjoram; Oregano or Sage

Ultimately the choice of plant material will depend on what you feel drawn to and is available from your own kitchen, garden or health food outlet. The choice is as endless as Nature provides and a good, reliable Herb Guide or Cooking Guide explains.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is intended for educational purposes only. Using the information contained within this article for any other purpose remains the sole responsibility of the individual.

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