January 22, 1949 - January 8, 2002

Death Of A Friend

The loss is great
The hurt severe.
Emptiness never ending,
Memories dear.

For reasons not understood
A friend is not there.
No longer around
Our wishes and dreams to share.

Together, so often,
Without any questions.
We laughed, we cried.
No need for explanations.

Perhaps, had we known
The way things were to be,
We would have expressed our feelings;
Been more open and free.

How often do we say the things
On our mind and our heart
We should share our gratitude
And love before we are apart.

Now, all we can do is hope
Somehow our friend knows
The sorrow and pain we feel,
And how we miss them so.

The loss is great,
The hurt severe,
Emptiness never ending,
Memories dear.

Written by:  Connie O.

In Loving Memory

Connie O. was full of life.  She held true values of dedication and commitment that are beyond compare.  She was devoted to many causes and put her all into everything she did.  So very smart and wise.  Connie O. believed in doing the right thing, and always did.

Connie O.'s favorite quote was "Make a Difference and Live out Loud", and she definitely lived up to that quote in the Garden, making a difference for so many of us and touching our hearts with her goodness.

Her leadership and organization of many of our Committees, activities, and procedures has left its mark on all of us as individuals and the Garden as a whole.  Most of the things we all enjoy about the Garden were somehow touched by Connie's hand.

The Special Occasions Committee was her heart.  So many hours put into making sure all of our Garden members had special pages, something just for them from all of us was so very important to her.

The Causes Committee was her soul.  She lived and overcame adversity in her life and encouraged others to do the same.  She was an inspiration to us all.

The Crafters Committee was her passion.  For  such an otherwise private person to surprise us with such creativity to found this committee was truly another thing for all to marvel at.

And "The Friendship Times" was her baby.  Although some would say it to be her "Fun Times" as she enjoyed every part of it - especially playing "Dear Daisy", she over saw the publication of each issue with meticulous care and wouldn't sleep until she had personally "put her baby to bed"

But it is her compassion for others and ideal that no one be without a friend that will live in our hearts.

Connie O could also be a rascal :)  Her zeal for life and drive for everyone to always do their best encouraged many members to be better people and citizens of the world.  She was able to inspire self-confidence in many thankful people.

She called herself a "tough old broad."  We all call her Friend. 
We love you Connie O.
May your Garden be peaceful and give you back everything you gave.

May You Rest in Peace.

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