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   One day, the owner of the Garden of Friendship, Deelight, was strolling through the Garden. She was enjoying all of its beauty and reflecting on the joy it has given her over the years, when she came upon a little glass container filled with sparkling gold powder. Deelight just loves sparkles, so she opened the container and the golden sparkles emerged landing all around her. Much to her surprise, all of the flowers that were touched by the sparkles suddenly came to life and began doing wonderful and amazing things! They could sing and dance and talk! Some even told her cute little jokes and stories.

   Deelight was tickled by their adorable names, but as a group she called them her Garden Blossoms. She invited the Blossoms to visit and surprise the other members of the Garden of Friendship with their gifts of love and friendship. They all jumped for joy at the opportunity, because of course they were Deelighted.

   That is a little story of how this committee came to be. As a member of this committee you will be required to carry on as one of the garden blossoms. Below you will find links to the various pages here in Blossoms.

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